HIGH ON THE AIR, the long-time radio show of HIGH TIMES magazine is making a comeback! We’ve brought Callum Francis out of retirement in order to resurrect HIGH ON THE AIR, the hugely popular Internet radio show that smoked out the Web for years.


Check out what’s on Callum’s mind and check in with great guests from the ganja community. Hear from HIGH TIMES editors. And laugh your ass off listening to hilarious highjinks that will seriously amplify your buzz.


Tune in on April 20th for the return of HIGH ON THE AIR. In this historic comeback show, HIGH ON THE AIR will reveal the stoner beauty who will be crowned Miss HIGH TIMES 2010.


And remember, if you'd like to be a call-in guest for future shows, email us at radio@hightimes.com. Just leave your name and number and we'll call you!


Listen to HIGH ON THE AIR on 4/20 and be part of the celebration!


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