An onslaught of bong-hitting bandits has forced Colorado to replace its legendary 420 mile marker sign along Interstate 70 with one they hope will be received with less tomfoolery and theft.

Amy Ford, a representative with the Colorado Department of Transportation, announced last week that in an attempt to keep Colorado’s 420 mile marker sign from becoming a continuous target for thieves, the state has decided to saw off one-hundredth of a mile and rename the five finger hot spot “Mile 419.99.” 

Ford says the previous sign had been stolen many times, likely because the 420th mile of Interstate 70’s 450 mile stretch sits in an unpopulated area, making it relatively easy for connoisseurs of black market 420 merchandise to swipe the sign at night and have it proudly displayed in their home by sunrise.

"Obviously people steal these signs," said Ford. "In the past, if a sign was stolen too much, we wouldn't replace it. This is sort of an innovative way for us to keep the sign there,” adding that this particular “420” sign, which sits just east of Stratton, is the only 420 marker to be replaced across the entire state.

However, Ford says this is not the first time the Department of Transportation has been forced to change the name of a mile marker to keep it from being swiped by highway hooligans. Apparently, somewhere near Cameron Pass, just west of Fort Collins, there is now a Mile 68.5 sign where one branded Mile 69 once stood.

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