NASCAR's ratings are skidding out of control towards a fiery crash. Fox is seeing record lows this season. Weather delayed a few races, but the sport's viewership has been declining for the past several seasons.  

NASCAR needs its spirit back. NASCAR was founded on moonshiners tweaking their engines to be faster than the coppers trying to catch them. High speed was the need to escape “the man.” Restrictor plate racing in NASCAR was established recently to “level the playing field” and maximize the skill of driving over the innovative engineering. Restrictor plate racing eliminates the ingenuity of the sport.  

In the heartland of racing, on the dirt tracks across the USA, that ingenuity is alive and well. Outlaws that love fast cars and fast women are constantly tweaking engines in their garage. Blue-collar boys and girls crank ratchets around their 9-to-5 jobs, trying to get their hot rod ready for Saturday-SATURDAY-SATURDAY!!! The winner rides home with cash -- just enough to convince the old lady that it is all worth it. Now, that's the kind of desperation someone can root for.  

Race car drivers on TV are paid regardless if they win or lose. Some drivers can lose every week for their entire career and their old ladies are still happy they're burning rubber every weekend. Not to mention, what they are doing is bad for the environment. Auto racing is the biggest anti-planet spectacle known to man.  

The world is changing. More people are becoming believers that global warming is contributing to climate change around the world. Global warming's arch-enemy is wasted carbon-dioxide burning away in our atmosphere. NASCAR is the epitome of humans destroying the planet. Approximately 6,000 gallons of fossil fuel are burned every week. For 34 weekends, people of America hold up their collective middle fingers to Mother Nature for 400+ miles of burnt rubber! WOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!!

There is a way that we can quench everyone's thirst for speed, ingenuity, and environmental responsibility. In the process, an entire new fan-base of race car enthusiasts will emerge. One simple change to the format: NO GAS.

NASCAR should remove restrictions on all engine tweaking to obtain maximum speed. The car design should not change nor should the safety requirements. The big difference will be that race teams will not be able to use traditional racing fuels in their gas tanks. Teams must use a clean energy source to power their car. lgae, water, solar, coconut oil, vegetable oil, HEMP OIL!  

In 1941, Henry Ford introduced a car entirely made out of hemp. The body was comprised of hemp fibers stronger and lighter than today's plastic cars. The December 1941 issue of Popular Mechanics highlighted Henry Ford's new machine. Many believe Ford also developed high-octane fuel out of hemp that the Model-T was designed to use.  The Popular Mechanics issue boasted that all of our energy problems would be solved. For some reason, hemp oil and hemp-fiber plastic for public use has yet to catch on, even though hemp oil is much cleaner and more efficient than fossil fuels. Plus, it is renewable. It really does grow on trees!

NASCAR once advocated for cigarettes in the Winston Cup. They currently push alcohol with sponsored cars while drinking and driving is illegal. Their natural evolution of drug sponsors should morph towards cannabis. NASCAR has already flirted with the idea of partnering with marijuana in the past. The Marijuana Policy Project purchased pro-marijuana ads to run on the video boards at the 2013 Brickyard 400. Those ads were pulled after only a few played. In 2010, Cannabis Planet TV actually had a sponsored car. Then they came out to practice without the sponsor's decal, the plug was pulled by NASCAR there as well. Cannabis Planet TV bought a sponsorship to promote the benefits of medical marijuana. Ironically, the following year in 2011, NASCAR suspended Ronnie Hults from driving. Hults is from Colorado and is prescribed medical marijuana for pain relief. Hults's pain comes from a career of car crashes. However, NASCAR's stance on cannabis is strict. (Viagra is okay though; they got to sponsor a car.)

NASCAR has a golden opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. They can save their sport and perhaps save the planet. The sport will no longer just be enjoyed by your  gear-head speed freaks, die-hard hillbillies, or all-American alcoholics looking for a reason to drink. NASCAR will be revered by scientists, the wine-and-cheese crowd, and hippies from coast to coast. Some will still hate to watch a bunch of cars turn left, but at least everyone will appreciate the effort to promote the solution and not the problem.