HIGH TIMES is saddened and outraged to report the sentencing of 27 year-old Australian Schapelle Corby to 20 years in Indonesian prison for allegedly smuggling 4.1kg of pot into Bali. Whether or nor she's guilty, and we believe quite strongly she's innocent (check dontshootschapelle.com for compelling evidence), the sentence remains so unjust as to defy logic and comprehension. How can this be considered justice, when the bomber convicted of masterminding the Bali bombings of 2002, which killed over 200 people. was sentenced to only 30 months of incarceration by the same Indonesian justice system? And to think, the prosecutor in the Corby case was asking for the death penalty by firing squad.

The Corby verdict shines a light upon deep flaws in the laws of not just Indonesia, but Australia and America as well--where prisoners also serve exorbitantly long sentences for non-violent cannabis-related offenses. How can we tolerate laws so clearly beyond the bounds of human decency? What is an appropriate sentence for a person in possession of flowers?

In our October issue, HIGH TIMES will feature comprehensive coverage of this case. In the meantime, here's a small selection of news stories from around the world.

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