As we get closer and closer to the Denver Cannabis Cup on 4/20, we'll be featuring some high-tastic 4/20 content to wet your lungs for the extravaganza to come. Today's feature is Jimmy Kimmel's venture onto Hollywood Blvd. to ask some strangers a simple question: "Have you ever smoked pot?" Before you get to see the answer, Kimmel stops the tape to let you guess on the answer. The results are entertaining to say the least. Check it out:

Kimmel on what exactly 4/20 entails:

-National Really High-Five Day

-The day on which people who already smoke pot almost every day smoke it again

-It's quite a week: We pay taxes, smoke pot, and exchange high-fives all in the span of four days

-It's like Christmas for stoners...except when Santa comes down the chimney on 4/20, all the cookies are gone