Johnny Damon is officially (at least on record) the coolest Yankee out there. He has an interview in the new issue of Mens Journal and admitted to smoking pot when he was younger, saying " it's part of life, it's natural, it's from the earth". Now when I see Damon tossing in those looping balls from centerfield I'm going to have a whole new respect for him. Damon says his Dad was nothing if not tolerant to the issue of experimentation.

"He'd tell me, 'If you ever want to experiment with anything, let me know,'" Damon tells Bob Klapisch in the new issue of Men's Journal. "He smoked a little bit, so he said just let him know. Like, 'Don't have me get a call when you're in jail. If you want to skip school, that's cool, as long as you get good grades.'"

Damon also admitted that he and a (then Red Sox) teammate were up doing shots in a Manhattan hotel the night before he smacked two home runs in the 2004 ALCS in Boston's 10-3 victory over the Yankees. The same night two women came up and offered themselves to him and he politely turned them down.

Damon, who's now married to his second wife, Michelle Mangan, recalls her telling him: "If you f- up, I'm out of here. ... And I said, 'That's cool, that's the way it should be.'

"I'm already living any guy's fantasy playing ball."

Where's my Johnny Damon jersey?