Some people actually wondered initially if the Kottonmouth Kings and the Rainbow Family would mesh their vibes at the 19th Cup. Skater punk hip hoppers and tribal Rainbow hippies? Well, those people don't really understand the counterculture or the powers of this sacred plant. Below are links to the final two songs of the Opening Ceremonies, where the Kings blew the roof off the Melkweg with and hour and a half of explosive hardcore hip hop energy, and then blew a kiss to the Rainbow Family as they closed out with positive vibrations. Watch Daddy X pull Counterculture Hall of Fame Inductee Barry "Plunker" Adams out of the audience. Barry blows his circle horn on stage, calling out Cup Founder Steven Hager, who gives a bearhug embrace to Daddy X for creating such a supremely high moment for the ceremonies. It was certainly a moment to remember....all captured on video with amazing sound (thanks to the Melkweg Crew).

So for all the haters, disinfo mongers and bullshit artists, why don't you take a listen and get on a positive vibe. We all are here at the 19th Cannabis Cup.

The videos can be found here: