Despite the Obama Administration’s new policy and a recent ruling against the magical temporary/forever moratorium, the L.A. city council is undeterred in its battle against its own state’s law.


“They've suddenly come up with a bizarre new interpretation of the law — that the requirement for pot dispensaries to be "nonprofit" actually means that they can't accept cash … This has to be the first time in American history that the government is ordering its citizens to start collectivizing our farms.”


While disturbing, it doesn’t seem likely that such an ordinance (assuming it passes in the first place) would hold up under scrutiny in the courts. Nonetheless, it is a creative way to eschew the millions of dollars in tax revenue dispensaries could pour into the city. It’s also a clear indicator that the fight over medical marijuana is far from over.


The article optimistically concludes, “In the end, this case of bureaucratic bullying … will be just another pointless and expensive skirmish on the inevitable road to marijuana legalization.”


It’s tempting to take that viewpoint – and it could ultimately prove true – but it’s important to realize that the anti-pot warriors out there will not go down without a fight. …