Illegal drug monitors aimed at keeping tenants from cooking dope have been popping up in rental properties all across New Zealand, and soon the rest of the world. These are hardwired devices, similar to carbon dioxide alarms, which are built to detect specific fumes inside the home, then digitally alert the landlord of illegal activity.

One of the most popular brands of this controversial, new technology is called Meth Minder. This virtual electro-rat is a smoke detector-sized monitoring and alarm system that works by exposing gasses released during the methamphetamine cooking process. However, rather than sound a warning inside the home, the device sends a red flag message via digital cell network to let the property owners know that someone is Breaking Bad.

“In simple terms, Meth Minder monitors the surrounding atmosphere within which it is placed,” according to their website.

Recent reports indicate that more than half of the meth lab busts in New Zealand over the past five years have been discovered in rental properties. MethSolutions sales and marketing manager Nicky Stratford says Meth Minder is meant to be a deterrent against meth manufacturing but it is also very effective. "Ultimately, at the end of the day, it's about protecting the asset [property] but also protecting the health and safety of the tenants and the future tenants going into the property,” she said.

The device is also rigged with a variety of anti-tamper alarms, which are under constant supervision in a control room. “Tenants are informed from the outset, that the property is monitored by Meth Minder, along with the consequences and charges they will face, if they tamper with the device.”

Now, while drug alert devices like Meth Minder are currently being used to help protect landlords against costly damage to their properties, one cannot help but contemplate the potential evil this invasive technology could have on renters here in the United States… Marijuana Minder?

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in HIGH TIMES, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.