TUCSON - Every church worships in their own unique way.

But what about a church whose members deify and use marijuana as part of their fath?

The Church of Cognizance has been in Pima, Arizona since 1991. Until recently, they smoked, ate or drank marijuana daily as a way of becoming more spiritually enlightened.

That was until federal authorities charged them with possessing 172 pounds of their leafy green sacrament earlier this year.

And now, church founders Dan and Mary Quaintance face added conspiracy charges and up to 40 years each in prison in a case they call religious persecution.

The couple is scheduled to go on trial in Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 18th, though defense lawyers are asking for a delay.

Church leaders say they have 72 monasteries located in members' homes nationwide and have a simple motto. That motto - "With good thoughts, good words and good deeds, we honor marijuana; as the teacher, the provider, the protector."