As the people of Uruguay (and marijuana activists around the world) wait on the full set of rules for legal ganja in the Latin American haven, details are starting to leak out. The document is nearly two weeks overdue from when it was supposed to be released, and now it seems that government officials are working on ways to stymie the illegal resale of weed on the black market. It makes sense seeing as one of the main goals of the program was to eliminate the seedy criminal underground associated with the illegality of marijuana and replace it with a government-run program.

President José Mujica had asked that no details be leaked before the official publish date, but last week the world found out the new regulations:

The country is set to limit marijuana sales to 10 grams a week for each licensed user. Pharmacies would also not be permitted to sell the 40g monthly allocation all at once. All things considered, this is a good start to the experiment that will set the standard for new countries to legalize. Uruguay is still working out a method for taxing pot so that it could be on par with alcohol and cigarette sales and sources have stated that the government is battling with methods for tracing each strain from seed to smoke, as they say.

Bravo to Mujica on his soon-to-be legal weed market and we hope that that program keeps evolving into something everyone can be proud of. For now, put 40 grams aside for us; we're coming for it!