Marijuana is now officially legal in the United States and believe it or not, this long awaited phenomenon of the great America pot populous does not appear to be further contributing to the degradation of civil society, let alone dragging it, kicking and screaming, straight to hell.

New Year’s Day marked the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado. And while stiff neck politicians, like Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, prophesized that the worldwide premiere of legal weed in America would be a detriment to Denver’s image -- leaving behind public images of wild-eyed stoners devouring each other’s first born for a better spot in line -- the historical event was, in fact, met with chaos free enthusiasm.

Reports from the Denver Post suggest that pot patrons approached their newfound right to legally purchase marijuana with a high level of civility: peacefully standing in line, paying for their weed and driving off with a smile on their face.

Councilman Brown says he was “pleasantly surprised” by the respectable behavior coming from Denver’s high society, and admits that a great number of the city’s fears surrounding legal marijuana sales were unfounded.

Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert agrees, comparing the Denver City Council’s last minute panic attack to Y2K. “What did people really think was going to happen? There are adults buying marijuana today in every state. The only one where it is legal is here.”

At the end of the day, city and state leaders that took it upon themselves to visit recreational marijuana shops say they feel confident that the appointed structure of this budding new industry is on a promising path to success. That is as long as the legal pot trade can continue to abide by the rules.

Uncle Sam has given Colorado the green light to proceed with marijuana sales, but has threatened to send in a pack of punk-hungry drug enforcement dogs to give them the ol’ Tommy Chong treatment if there are any issues with underage access, drug trafficking across state lines, or a rabid influx of organized crime.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;