This past September 11 marked the 25th anniversary of Peter Tosh’s murder in his home in Jamaica. Photographer Lee Jaffe has marked the occasion with a photo and video exhibit in Los Angeles featuring shots he took for the reggae classic Legalize It! in 1976.


Of his relationship with the reggae icon, Jaffe said, “Peter, he had such a militant air about him. And at the same time you could be at his place and he'd roll you a spliff and say, ‘here mon, a nice draw of herb.’ He had this incredibly generous heart, which became apparent once he accepted that you were on the side of the ‘sufferers’ and you were a part of the struggle.”


Photos by Lee Jaffe




The exhibition runs to October 6, 2012 at:
7914-B Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Hours: Wed-Sat 11-4pm