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My friend and I had spent the night at another friend's house. Being grateful for the place to stay, I whipped out my bong and a bag of weed. We were out in the middle of nowhere and the house we were in didn't have running water, so being the resourceful soul I am, I filled the bong with Mountain Dew. We smoked until we were stupid. We were having all kinds of fun. We were doing the little glow-stick dancing ravers do. It wigged us all out. We finally all just passed out and didn't wake until late the next day.

We packed up our stuff and made our way back to our college town. We got there and unpacked all of my friend's stuff and proceeded to my dorm room. We had everything unpacked and we figured it was time to finish the bag of weed. So, we made our way to the bathroom to clean out the Mt. Dew that was making the bong real sticky.

While cleaning it, my RA walked in on us. We immediately left my dorm and went back to my friend's dorm. We chilled-out there for a while and played a little PS2. After a while, we got bored, so we decided to go back to my room and watch a movie.

When we got back, we popped in the movie. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and I quickly dropped my baggie of pot in my drawer. I opened the door, and to my surprise there were a couple of cops. They entered my room and said that they were informed of drug paraphernalia in my possession. Thank God my friend had the bong back in his room! They searched my room and found nothing. I couldn't believe they missed the bag more than two times. They asked if they could search my car and I gave them permission. They found nothing in my car and said that they were going to my friend's room to get the bong. They found it there and arrested my friend. I went to bail him out a little later.

I went with my friend to court the next week. To my surprise, I was also charged with possession of paraphernalia. They found me guilty and I had to pay a $400 fine and my license was suspened for 6 months. My school wanted to expel me for having a bong on campus and housing wanted to terminate my contract (which would ultimately make me withdraw seeing as I couldn't pay $300+ a month for housing off campus).

I ended up getting the suspension revoked and the fine refunded seeing as I was charged under error. The university didn't end up kicking me out. I am on probation with the state for 6 months, and I am on behavioral probation with the university. I have a meeting tomorrow to see if I can still live on campus. So tomorrow holds the fate of my academic future.

I wonder: How can a little bong cause so much trouble? I think it is all a bunch a bullshit. I could have lost my license, $400, my education and my home. All for what? Man, when will all of the bullshit stop? Soon, I hope.