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It was a nice sunny day in the middle of summer, so a close friend and I decided to take a trip to the local lake. We all know how it is...beautiful day...a lovely incredibly stinky sack-o-stuff. On the way there we decided to fire it up on the highway (never a good idea) being as there weren't any cars for a few yards in any direction. Just as we finished our bowl, I looked back to see mounted lights pulling up fast.
First thought on my mind - BUSTED! Strange enough no lights ever came on so I continued on my merry way. When I finally did get off the highway I got bold enough to look back and see that this car was so close to my ass that I couldn't see the front end so (like a stoned idiot) I came almost to a complete stop when making a left into the park. Needless to say the 'COP' stayed a bit back after having to slam on his brakes and oversteer the turn to avoid hitting me (isn't tailgating against the law?).

Just as I pull into the par, I realize my mistake. I look back and see that it is a park ranger just as he is turning on his lights. I should have stayed on the highway. So as he proceeds to tell me that he saw me smoking a joint on the highway I proceed to tell him the red-eyed paranoid sort of truth that he is wrong. I was able to say it with some conviction since it was a bowl I was tokin. I got uppity and told him to take a look over me and my car or go away cause we are here to have fun (not deal with this). Amazingly enough...he left.

My friend and I decided to go down to the lake and hang out. We took the long way around so as to get as far into the woods as possible for some smoking privacy. Just as we got done smoking it occurred to me that I had better hide my stash in the log I was sitting on. We then proceeded to find fishing line in the trees, some bait under logs, and have at some fishin stoner style. Just as my buddy pulls a foot long bass outta the lake on the end of a stick, the ranger shows up with backup. After an hour of searching my truck and our clothes he finds nothing. Thank the green for the paranoia that made me stash my ounce!

Now, you may say that this is not a busted story, but I must point out that we were indeed busted in the end... you need a license to fish even with a stick and some old line outta the trees!