It's the end of an era -- Lil Boosie was released from prison today! I know, you're saying: "Who the hell care" and/or "Who the hell is Lil Boosie?" Well, we're here to tell you that aside from being a Southern rapper, Torrence Hatch aka Lil Boosie had one of the most epic pot prison terms in recent memory. 

First arrested on October 22, 2008 for possession of marijuana, Boosie originally went to jail after pleading guilty to third-degree possession of marijuana and was sentenced to two years in prison (stiff, right?). After violating probation by using marijuana while he awaited sentencing -- presumably to calm his nerves -- the judge tacked on ANOTHER two years to the sentence. Two years later and halfway through his prison term, Boosie couldn't resist and attempted to smuggle into prison a little herb (or in legal terms: Schedule I - Marijuana) among other substances to hold him over for the newt two years. Low and behold he got caught with the ganja, which we have to imagine were rolled into TP-joints. Moreover, the rapper was suspected of committing multiple murders over turf battles. Though it couldn't be proven, Boosie was nonetheless sentenced to an additional eight years in state prison.

Hiring the best of the best for his legal defense, Baba Kush Boosie's team was able to argue that the whole drug situation was a setup under the reasoning that the popo's informant offered Boosie codeine when they knew he was a codeine addict. Interesting logic, but alas it worked. And today, four years later, Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch has found himself released into a much more welcoming world than he left. Welcome to the new world pot order Boosie!

Will he be able to make it until his parole ends in 2018 without getting into trouble? Comment below with your thoughts!