In a recent interview with GQ promoting his latest album, Reincarnated, the newly self-christened Snoop Lion – formerly Snoop Dogg – shared this humorous tale: “These guys were asking me for food the other day, so I bought them lunch. And then I said, 'Let me take a picture of you guys,' because I wanted people to see that we were doing a good deed. And then the one guy goes, 'I smell that Snoop Dogg [strain of pot] on you. I partake in all things Snoop Dogg.' And I go, 'Well, it's Snoop Lion now,' and I went to my car and I had some weed, so I said, 'There ya go, you go enjoy that.' And he looked at it and said, 'I knew I smelled that Snoop on you.' And I was like, 'You guys have to share that.'”

During that same GQ profile, Snoop Lion also opined on parenting and pot and the author of the article actually traveled with Snoop to the rapper's favorite West Hollywood medical marijuana dispensary.

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