Stephen Gaskin has a plan to heal America. "There isn't anything wrong in this country that can't be fixed with courage, good planning, and some getting it on."

After the world premiere of the documentary St. Stephen, produced and directed by Cup founder Stephen Hager, Gaskin took the stage to lead one of his legendary Monday Night Classes. Hearkening back to his days in the San Francisco psychedelic scene, the head hippie in charge took questions on God, pot, politics, and everything in between (including the idea of "everything" itself).

Earlier, following the day's 4:20 ceremony, Arian from the Greenhouse had lead a seminar in how to grow your own homegrown. After his class, Gaskin was proud to introduce the Home Grown Band, a funky, jammy rock act comprised of children raised on The Farm commune, which Gaskin founded in 1971. The HGB powered through a set of Fishbone-inspired originals and timely covers ("Two Joints") to the red-eyed delight of the stonier-than-stoned crowd. Backstage the band had explained a telepathic connection among the group, owing to their long acquaintance and unique background, and it certainly showed on stage during a tight, flowing performance.

Today the early votes should start coming in from judges. As each vote is cast it will be instantly, publicly tallied -- a level of transparency we could sorely use in our American elections. A lot is at stake for the coffeeshops and seed companies involved, so the tension builds as we get closer to a decision on Thursday: Which strain will be honored as the best pot in Amsterdam?

As an expert judge this year I had my say in narrowing the field, but ultimately the decision is left up to the regular judges who sign up and make their way to the promised land in the Netherlands. So if you're here, remember to vote. For once, I can assure you it will be counted.

Okay, the big question right now is should I stay here in my pajamas and keep writing my Cannabis Cup journal, or should I head out and sample the first smoke of the morning... Exactly! See you tomorrow.