Story by David CJ Bunn
a/k/a Captain Joint

On Friday, Oct. 1, Maine Vocals were greeted by a stream of cars that quickly turned into a tent city. Harry Brown’s Farm in Starks, ME were filled to capacity as the 14th-Annual Harvest Fest rolled to a smoky start.

Public smoking was elevated to a new high when a 38-gram joint was brought up to the stage and fired up with blowtorches. The stage rocked with quality band after band, and as night fell, the music was illuminated by a dazzling light show. When Rhythm Ship played, the State Prison Light Show inflated a giant parachute on stage and then lit it up. Other notable acts were Zen Lunchbox, Tribe Describe, Rezin (a hard-rocking band that threw rubbers and energy drinks to the crowd), Between the Lines and The Brew.

The Harvest contest had a big bud category and a taste category. Both kept the judges walking in circles as they sniffed and then smoked the entries. Many strains were entered. Early Girl was the biggest bud, and the overall winners were the judges who got to smoke all the entries.

I again helped out with the job of MC and kept the chatter going between bands. Donnie of Maine Vocals found the time between running the show and doing the real work to address the crowd and run the bud contest.

The 10th-Annual New York Harvest Fest takes place this weekend (Oct 8-11) at Moose River Park in Lyonsdale, NY. Richie Havens, the Persuasions and Melvin Seals are all scheduled to perform.

A quick note on this year’s Boston Freedom Rally on Sept. 18. Even with the heavy rains that stopped the show, the rally went on. A tent and tarp cover was raised and about 400-500 people gathered and smoked a lot of pot on the Boston Common. The police stayed dry in their cars and we stayed very stoned under the tarps. This show was a washout for MassCann on a monetary level; they’re asking for donations to throw next year’s show.

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Photos by Nan.

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