Toddlers are known for playing with things that they shouldn't be playing with. But what happens when a UK toddler dials the 999 emergency number and the police rush over? Well in Manchester, England, he can unwittingly end up ratting out his parent's cannabis farm hidden upstairs.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the police received a call on April 16th that consisted of a strange rustling sound before the line cut abruptly, making them believe that someone was potentially in danger. Officers quickly arrived at the house only to discover a small child believed to the calling culprit. While speaking with the parents of the household, officers weed and went upstairs to investigate. They found nine marijuana plants and arrested a 29-year-old man was for cultivation.

And because it is totally normal to do so, an officer tweeted a picture on the GMP Salford West Twitter feed saying, “Look what we found following an abandoned 999 call made by a child! How many times must we stress don't let your children play with the phone?”

Crime figures show that Greater Manchester was the cannabis farm capital of the UK in 2013 with nearly a thousand plants being seized every week.