Police in Wichita believe they know who’s responsible for stealing pot from their department’s evidence room. Three bags of marijuana – being kept as evidence from a 2009 case – were found ripped open and some of the pot was missing.


The Wichita Police Department held a press conference to release a sketch of the suspected pot thief to the assembled media. The sketch revealed the culprit to be a small, white… mouse.


That’s right, the Wichita Police Department actually went through the trouble of commissioning a sketch and calling a press conference to alert the public that they believe their evidence room was compromised by a rodent.


According to a police spokesperson, “It is not that uncommon … Marijuana being an organic material has a very strong odor that would attract animals such as mice.” Cops believe the mice are using the pot as nesting material.


HIGH TIMES believes the pot thief is most likely the guy who thought it would be funny to draw the mouse and hold a press conference.

Check out the marijuana mouse suspect below.
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