The current mayor of Brownsville faces several charges in a suspected marijuana growing operation.

Linn County Sheriff's deputies yesterday searched the home and business of Mayor Kathleen Swayze and her husband Dee Swayze. Officials say they found 31 marijuana plants at the ceramic business on South Main Street in Brownsville. The plants ranged in height from 6 feet to 4 feet. Investigators say they also found growing equipment that included lights and a timer.

At the Swayze home, deputies say they found about 12 pounds of partially dried marijuana, plus scales and packaging supplies. Investigators believe the couple had been growing marijuana for both personal use and sales for several years.

Officers arrested Kathleen and Dee Swayze Thursday. The Swayze's were charged with the manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance, plus three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, because of the marijuana found at the business where minors work. After posting security of almost $10,000, the suspects were released from jail. A court hearing is set for later in the month.