Michigan’s Attorney General, Bill Schuette, is determined to tighten up the state’s medical marijuana law passed in 2008. Speaking to reporters, Schuette claimed “The law has been hijacked by drug dealers who want to make money, line their pockets and make a huge profit … This law has as many holes as Swiss cheese. It’s out of control and we need to fix it.”


In an effort to “fix it,” state legislators will introduce eight bills this fall aimed at restricting and defining aspects of the medical marijuana law. The bills would prevent felons from becoming caregivers, stop online medical marijuana certifications, define the doctor-patient relationship, regulate dispensary locations, and clarify qualifying medical conditions, among other things.


While State Representative John Walsh (R-Livonia) said, “We have a goal of protecting public safety while preserving the legitimate right of people who need medical marijuana,” MMJ advocates were quick to point out that none of the “people who need medical marijuana” were invited to the press conference. Supporters of the Michigan medical marijuana law are concerned that such legislative changes are in opposition to the will of the citizens.


It is worth noting that, while no bill has been introduced that would specifically outlaw dispensaries, AG Schuette has previously argued that they are against the law and should be banned.

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