As sports junkies and other depraved breeders of football fanaticism arrive at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this weekend for the NFL’s first ever Stoner Bowl, they can expect to see a number of advertisements from the marijuana community encouraging booze soaked tailgaters to drop the beer and pass the bong.

Organizers with the Marijuana Policy Project say they are currently covering the streets of East Rutherford, N.J. with five different billboards they hope will generate a reaction as Super Bowl fans get into town.

Mason Tvert, the director of communications for MPP says that because the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are the only two teams in the NFL hailing from states where marijuana is legal, it made sense to use the biggest game of the year as a platform to tell people the truth about marijuana.

“Hopefully it’s going to inspire people to talk to one another about marijuana and particularly its relative harms compared to alcohol and football,” he said.

However, this is not the MPP’s first rodeo in marketing to a sports forum. In September, the organization boldly purchased a billboard near Mile High Stadium with an image of a football leaning against a beer mug branded with the message “Stop Driving Players to Drink… a safer choice is now legal here.”

“I think a lot of people will be shocked at just how many people are getting in trouble for using a less harmful substance than alcohol,” said Tvert. “When you’re sitting in a full stadium and you think about the idea of everyone in there being arrested 10 times over, it really gets you thinking about just how many people that is.”

Tvert says that in addition to the MMP’s billboard assault on this weekend’s Super Bowl, he plans to visit NFL commissioner Roger Goodell next week in New York City to deliver a petition calling for the league to stop penalizing players for using marijuana.

Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in High Times, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.