Where do you live (city/state):
Atlanta, GA

What do you do for a living:
Artist, student

How often do you smoke (times per day or week):
min 5x a day...ounce a week

What's your preferred smoking method:

What type of music do you most like?
Reggae Rock (Slightly Stoopid, Sublime), and mulit-genre groups (311), classic rock (Floyd, Zepp, Marley)

What are your hobbies/interests:
Music, music, pot, painting, art, anything that's not apart of the mass, skateboarding, bass playing, and antique weapons (I actually have bazooka from Vietnam)

What did you do last Saturday night (Be honest!):
Made a gravity bong

What is your dream:
To start my own businesses one day that support and promote the good music that is out there, help make sure it doesn't die out...and hopefully help bring down the man

Why do you think we should pick you to be Miss HIGH TIMES:
The picture is of me and Bobby and we are smoking out of my hookah. Behind me is a very large collage I made consisting of pictures from High Times in the center pot leaf shape, and the background is made from pages of the book Be Here Now which explains the depths of tripping. I made in two months when I was on probation after rehab (my mom sent me for pot...isn't that insane!!? no actually she was) anyway, I couldn't smoke but I sure did think about it. The idea came to me when I smoked for the 1st time after rehab and I was listening to Sublime's cover of "Legalize It" by Peter Tosh. The collage took over 300 hours.

So I have this scene set up with me a Bob smoking in front of my collage (he actually has a hookah tube in his hand rather than a joint. The quote on the poster of Bob says "When you smoke the herb it releases you from yourself" so I put him smoking with me because that quote is exactly what happened when I came up with the idea for the poster. Since rehab isn't for pot smokers it was a really horrifying and psychologically damaging situation. After rehab for a month, then five months of house arrest by my mother, I was unable to do anything creative because of my disposition. So when I smoked for the 1st time in months I really was able to relate to Marley's quote because when I smoked it really did free my mind from all the unfair bullshit that had happened in my life and I was able to think. Now that I am back to smoking again I have this great reminder taking up my living room wall. I am wearing a shirt I made out of an XL guys shirt that had all these different kind of buds on it. By me wearing the shirt I am kind of extending the idea of the quote at hand...Legalize it and we will Advertise it.

Plus, I love my mary jane very very much.