Where do you live (city/state):
Kamloops, B.C., Canada. Ya B.C. budz!!!

What do you do for a living:
I am a waitress at the Grasshopper Pub and Grill.

How often do you smoke (times per day or week):
The question should be how often am I ever NOT stoned? I smoke god probably ten joints a day, minimum. And thats not including bowls in the bong or pipe, either.

What's your preferred smoking method:
I'd have to say taking huge blasts from bongs is my favorite, but I usually roll doobies. I have almost every flavor and pattern of rollies you could imagine.

What type of music do you most like:
Hmmm.....this is always a tough question. Usually if I hear a song and I like it, then I download and listen to it. I don't generally stick to one type of music, but if I HAD to pick.....either punk, metal, or reggae.

What are your hobbies/interests:
Chillin with friends, drinking, going to the bar, watching TV/movies, SMOKING THE SWEET SWEET CHEEBA

What did you do last Saturday night (Be honest!): that seems like it was so long ago, it's Wednesday already!! Let's see, I had a huge sesh with a bunch of my buddies, then picked up a case of beer and a half flap and let 'er rip! Haha we went to Player's(a bar in town) and got HAMMERED

What is your dream:
To be a rich desperate housewife and sit around puffin allllll day long.

Why do you think we should pick you to be Miss HIGH TIMES:
Ummm, look at me. No, I'm totally just kidding. I dunno, cuz I'm a fairly good-looking chick who smokes hella weed, loves High Times magazine, and....I wanna win the contest and be in the centerfold!!! ;D And, I just wanna add, that I hope I'm still eligible even tho I live in Canada.....we have better weed!!!