Where do you live (city/state)?
Dallas, TX

What do you do for a living?
smoke ganja and go to school for culinary arts sometimes

How often do you smoke (times per day or week)?
that's a hard one.. probably about 6g or 7g a day

What's your preferred smoking method?
i like blunts but i love a big clean glass bong!! mmm...

What type of music do you most like?
underground hip-hop, ragga, drum and bass

What are your hobbies/interests?
spinning/listening to records, lots of gettin high, reading, learning, thinking, listening to howard stern, growing herbs and lots of cooking and getting high

What did you do last Saturday night? (Be honest!)
got baked and chilled at the lake with some friends, bought a new bong, got baked again and went to bed at around 11, as usual.

What is your dream?
to move to the Netherlands and start a bakery (hopefully a weed bakery) have a small home with tons of animals and raise smart open minded kids by myself or live naked deep in the jungle with some cool tribe

Why do you think we should pick you to be Miss HIGH TIMES?
because I at least think im hot, somewhat intelligent, and smoking weed is my life it describes me, it fulfills me, and makes me less female bitch like! I think everyone deserves a hit from our politicians to my grandma, I really think its a very essential part of everyone's life. Its the most useful herb and it tastes so damn good! mmm... also I smoke more herb than any of the other girls questionnaires that Ive read so far, also I can smoke most of the boys I know under the table! Im hardcore...
-If I win Mary Cary has to taste me!