Where do you live (city/state)
Orange, CA

What do you do for a living
I own an exotic animal oriented business.

How often do you smoke (times per day or week):
3-5 times per day.

What's your preferred smoking method:
Glass Bong

What type of music do you most like:
Rock..Metal... Reggae...some Punk... and Classical music..

What are your hobbies/interests:
Smoking, literature, Music, yoga, politics, biology, animals and "pretty looking" plants!

What did you do last Saturday night (Be honest!):
I got together with old friends and smoked while watching an old movie, then got together with some other friends & smoked with them. Passed out with King of the Hill reruns & oreos.

What is your dream:
A Utopia

Why do you think we should pick you to be Miss HIGHTIMES?
This one took me a while. Essentially the reason for having a "Miss HIGHTIMES", is to display your magazine to a potentially larger market. Thus exposing more minds to the rest of the world. Exposing people to how people like us which smoke, have an unhealthy fear of most Law Enforcement.Also how people who smoke have to form their own morals. Since society isn't approving of our actions, what else are they saying is wrong or right that I am in dissagreance with? Most people at this point start to really divulge a more "whole view" of the world. By questioning what is right or wrong, you obviously see both sides more evenly, the result almost has to be a more accurate view point. I think the over all "message" of hightimes is something I portray, and would love to do in conjunction with you