MTV is the devil. Pass it on. NY Daily News reports: Just a few weeks after promising to clean up its act during daytime hours because of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl bra-ha-ha, MTV is baring all again. Britney Spears' graphic sex romp "Toxic" is back in heavy rotation around the clock. So are controversial videos from Blink 182 (although edited a bit) and Maroon 5. MTV officials, under heavy criticism for producing the R-rated Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 1, had vowed afterward to do the "responsible" thing and pull such explicit music videos from daytime viewing. Instead, the music channel said it would air them only late at night - when fewer young people and families would be watching. So what happened? An MTV spokeswoman explained the network's backflip this way: "We decided to take a temperature check, we listened to the audience, we wanted to make sure we still felt good about the images on MTV." Now that some of the initial shock of the Jackson nip slip is over, she said: "The audience ... decided they wanted to see these artists."