Ever since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado and Washington, the stoner community has watched entrepreneurs come up with innovative ways to sell weed. Last month, the buzz was marijuana vending machines, which admittedly, is a concept we never thought we would live to see. The latest pot peddling method brings tears to our eyes: Say high to the marijuana food truck.

Developed by the masterminds behind Magical Butter, the “Samich Truck” is essentially a 40-foot restaurant on wheels, made out of an old school bus, which caters to the stoner class by offering four-star marijuana-infused cuisine. For those of you that were at this year’s Cannabis Cup in Denver, (the Samich Trucks’ official debut) you may have had an opportunity to sample a few culinary selections from their menu, like The Samich (sunbutter and jelly), Bin Mi (Vietnamese style pork sandwich), The Bronco (BBQ pulled pork sandwich), PhaReal Cheese Samich, and Kushie Tomato Soup.

Magical Butter CEO Garyn Angel says the food truck has been a huge success, and he plans to expand the business to other pot-friendly markets by launching an entire fleet of marijuana mobiles, as well as developing a smartphone app that will alert patrons when to expect SAMICH, “Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness,” in their neck of the woods.

Angel adds that purchasing marijuana-infused food will get you higher than the typical entrée served at a sit-down restaurant, but it certainly does not come with a much higher cost. All of the food served on the Samich Truck averages around $10 more than traditional restaurants.