Corporate snitches have been putting members of the great American workforce into Welfare and unemployment lines for years with random drug and alcohol testing. Now, the same rat faced wolves responsible for forcing countless blue collars into poverty and destitution are back, in sheep’s clothing, to teach employers how marijuana legalization will affect the workplace.

Lifeloc Technologies, which manufactures alcohol and drug testing equipment as well as provides drug free workplace training, is now infiltrating factories and offices across the United States with a new online course called “Marijuana and the Workplace.”

The curriculum is essentially pot propaganda produced to scare the hell out of business owners and persuade them to ramp up their company’s drug testing policies, but representative of Lifeloc say it is more about helping business owners understand the potential consequences legalized marijuana could have on their organization.

"Momentum behind Pot legalization is growing and the political, legal and business landscape is changing very quickly," said Barry Knott, president of Lifeloc. "Many employers are ill prepared to handle the legal and HR issues surfacing from the medical and personal use of marijuana as it relates to their workplace."

The “Marijuana and the Workplace” training course is strictly for Business Managers, Human Resource Professionals, and other members of the “front office” that need to be well versed in how recent marijuana laws impact their company policies, including how they apply to employee termination. (i.e. how to fire stoners)

"The course sorts out fact from fiction concerning the personal and medical use of Marijuana for the workplace," said Amy Evans, Workplace Training and Business Manager for Lifeloc. "Employers and employees alike will benefit from learning how to recognize the signs and symptoms of marijuana use, the safety concerns and what protections the law affords employers.”

We at HIGH TIMES are considering the development of our own online course entitled “The Working Stoners Survival Guide: How to Keep Your Rat Faced Employer From Dry Humping You All the Way to the Unemployment Line.” We will keep you posted.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;