A recent Quinnipiac University poll revealed that New York State voters support marijuana legalization. The poll found that 51-44 percent believe pot should be made legal in New York. Men support marijuana legalization by a wider margin (56-41 percent), while women were less emphatic (47-46 percent).


As one might expect, support for legalizing pot is strongest among voters age 18 to 29. Support dropped in each successive age group – however, only voters over 65-years-old oppose legalizing pot in New York State (56-37 percent).


Quinnipiac also recently surveyed Ohioans. The issue of legalizing cannabis resulted in a tie (47-47 percent) in the Buckeye State. Men are in favor of legalization by a narrow margin (49-46 percent) while women are narrowly opposed (48-45 percent).


According to Quinnipiac University Polling Institute assistant director Peter Brown, “Ohioans' views on legalizing the personal use of pot are slightly more conservative than the nation at large … A Quinnipiac University national poll released last week found support for legalizing marijuana at 51-44 percent.”

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