As of New Years Day, 2014, legal cannabis became available to all adults over the age of 21 in a single US state. Colorado pioneers this effort, garnering horrific puns from nearly every major news outlet in the country. Here are the top three:

“Colorado's legal recreational pot industry off to smoking start” - MSNBC

“Colorado Pot Buyers in High Spirits Lining Up for Legalized Sales” - ABC News

“Crowds grow like weeds for first legal sales of marijuana in Colorado” - Washington Times

As Colorado confidently embarks on this needlessly groundbreaking venture, the rest of the country looks on, wondering if legalization could spell the remedy for myriad problems -- a violent drug trade, an overcrowded prison system, financial woes a weed tax could pay for, the medical benefits it could provide… the list goes on. Two days in, the only symptom is a surge in enthusiasm, treated with the mild temperament native to the area. Arguments against legalization seem to disintegrate on a daily basis, and yet the most arcane of these seems to persist.

Upon discovering a compound that blocks the often desired effects of cannabis, scientists at the University of Bordeaux proclaimed pregnenolone a potential avenue for the treatment of cannabis intoxication and addiction.” This purported use makes the discovery far more villainous. More reasonable scientists would have recommended pregnenolone’s use for weedheads who have to do a job interview or fly a plane on short notice. Instead, it’s being presented as a ruthless weapon for the forces of lame.

Meanwhile, a different group of scientists in Canada find further evidence that cannabis is treated as a substitute for alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other, more elicit substances. Based on these findings, they conclude that cannabis is “not only an effective medicine, but also a potential exit drug to problematic substance use.“ This doesn’t account for all the benefits to society that arise from having less drunk people raging around in cars and on foot.

As all these benefits unfold, we see signs of the pro-cannabis attitude going mainstream. While it’s likely that hemp makes for great skin cream, seeing it discussed this way is kind of awesome and kind of disgusting at the same time. It’s great that the mainstream is warming up to it, but also this signals weed as the next health fad, complete with infomercials and cheaply enticing banner ads.

But overall… WE’RE WINNING

T. Kid is the author of VICE’s Weediquette column and editor-in-chief of Karmaloop. Follow him on Twitter: @ImYourKid