An an effort to curb rising drug abuse, Lacey Township High School has brought in drug-sniffing dogs to roam the halls, seeking unlawful substances.

CBS 2′s Christine Sloan reported yesterday that police and drug-sniffing dogs roamed the halls of Lacey Township High School in search of "heroine," marijuana and meth, possibly stashed away in lockers.

“The dogs are trained to sniff the openings of the lockers and if they get an odor of narcotics coming from lockers they give what we call a positive indication,” said Sgt. James Reilly, of the Toms River Police Department told CBS News.

The police-state action was enacted due to a doubling of overdose deaths during 2013 in Ocean County. In 2012, 53 overdoses were reported; in 2013, there were 104.

Alarming for sure, but the overdose cases resulted from heroin, and the victims were in the 20s, so why are dogs roaming high school hallways looking for pot? Seems like a misguided waste of time.

But it gets worse. In the story, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato is quoted as saying that he’s targeting schools because prescription pills and marijuana are gateway drugs to "heroine," which is cheaper.

Excuse us Mr. Coronato, but that doesn't even make sense. The dogs can't smell pills. With all the talk country wide of how beneficial medical marijuana is, and with the political spotlight that has been trained on the state of New Jersey regarding high-CBD medicine, for you to equate pot with Oxycontin and Vicodin is ignorant and a huge political misstep.

Maybe Mr. Coronato needs to go back to high school…not to find illegal drugs, but for a little more education.