By Allen St. Pierre

At NORML, we’ve heard virtually every question conceivable regarding marijuana and marijuana laws, the health effects associated with the consumption of marijuana, medicinal marijuana and drug testing. When it comes to information on marijuana, the bud stops at NORML.

However, a frequent, logical and vexing question often arises for which we have no ready answer: “How or where do I meet a man or woman to date and start a relationship in which we both smoke marijuana?”

NORML is known for many public-policy accomplishments in its storied 35-year history—from effective lobbying to impact litigation to providing thoughtful help to the general public and the victims of marijuana prohibition. But one thing this formidable K Street Washington lobby organization is not known for is being a cannabis-consumer dating service.

The frequency of NORML members and supporters inquiring about how and/or where they can find a “marijuana mate” indicates the need for me to address this provocative question. In many respects, the best advice for the cannabis lovelorn is simple: Get active now in the marijuana-legalization movement and you’ll meet your mate soon.
The marijuana-law-reform movement and the universe of Americans that choose to smoke marijuana is so large and diverse today that this creates numerous opportunities for like-minded people to meet on common ground. There are dozens of opportunities annually for cannabis consumers to hook up. NORML members are encouraged to join local or regional NORML chapters (there are now more than 130 NORML chapters in the US and around the world).

NORML and its chapters sponsor garden parties, benefits, art auctions, “NORML Nights” at local bars and clubs and other social events throughout the year. One couple I know met while picking up trash for the chapter’s local Adopt-a-Highway program (see Freedom Fighters story above).

There are other prime opportunities to find that special stony someone at annual cann-events like the NORML Conference in either San Francisco or Washington, DC, in April; the 150-plus city protests and parades in May; Washington, DC’s Fourth of July smoke-in; Seattle’s Hempfest in August; the Boston Freedom Rally in September; and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in November.

Another more unorthodox suggestion is to become pen pals with the thousands of Americans locked up on marijuana offenses. With one of our brothers and sisters who enjoy marijuana being arrested every 40 seconds, there are plenty of good folks currently in jail to meet (and to help out). Who knows whom you might encounter until you give it a try?

NORML executive director Allen St. Pierre met his mate, Sara, via NORML. Join NORML today at or call 888-67-NORML.