With 21 US states having approved some form of marijuana legalization and an expected boost in revenue and taxes in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the marijuana economy is undeniably smokin’. Pun intended.

And parallel to a booming industry comes an increase in job opportunities. Josh Meisel, co-director for the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, told to NPR, “College students facing costly tuition see employment opportunities in [marijuana] cultivation and distribution.” Humboldt State University surveyed 500 respondents asking about their type of marijuana employment, and came up with 13 identifiable career titles.

The jobs range from medical to legal and financial, and are all related to the rapidly growing marijuana industry. The number-one job in the marijuana industry is budtender, and number six is salesperson (who is directly involved with transferring the cannabis from the producer to the customer with compensation through the markup -- you know, regular retail stuff).

More procedural jobs that are vital in the preparation of the commercial product includes number five: trimmer (they harvest and process the dried bud, and are paid hourly or by weight), number 11: extraction technician (who helps make infused products) and number eight: packaging and flower cure person (who organizes inventory, and is a position “not suited for extremely social people).

And because the marijuana industry is big on spreading awareness of legalization and medical benefits, many educational and activist jobs are also identified in the study. Number seven: petitioner, works for advocacy groups and number 12: pot event planner puts together job fairs and conferences related to marijuana. 

Like weed? The time to think about a job change could be now. 

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