There’s more sad news to report on the drug raid front. Early Saturday morning, as the NYPD conducted a raid around 7 a.m. in the Bronx, an officer accidentally shot the suspect’s 76-year-old father.


According to a report, Officer Andrew McCormack “was trying to light up the dark Soundview apartment where a drug raid was under way … and reached for a flashlight attached to his gun.” Unfortunately, in attempting to turn on his flashlight, McCormack fired and struck Jose Colon in the stomach.


Mr. Colon’s son, Alberto, who was the target of the raid, was arrested and charged with heroin possession. The elder Colon was not charged and is not suspected of any wrongdoing. He is currently in stable condition and expected to survive the shooting according to police.


The New York Post points out the accidental shooting took place a block from where NYPD officers shot Amadou Diallo to death in 1999.


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