We recently had the chance to sit down with Amsterdam’s first extraction lab, OCD Labs. One of the founders of the lab is True Cannabliss -- he is also a breeder and is quite active on a few cannabis forums. We met him about seven years ago when he won the IC mag cup with a strain called Casey Jones. He and his partner Ramone met us one sunny afternoon in one of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. 

They came to the ‘Dam about seven months ago when they found the dab culture was becoming more popular in Amsterdam. Having been frequent visitors to the ‘Dam, they found the quality of hash oil was lacking, and they thought they were just the two guys to remedy the situation.

Their favorite type of oil is shatter; they find that it keeps best in the form best, it retains a finer flavor, and has a fresher taste. For them the purging of the oil is the most important aspect; they recently added a proper purge oven to their set up, and this year they will be moving to a full lab-grade, closed-loop system. 

One thing that is important to them is bringing awareness to dabbing and oil. It is important that dabbing is done with prudence, and that people are not blasting in their houses or closed-balcony spaces. They said first and foremost this is a dangerous process and really takes a lot of experience. 

They are less concerned with sativas and indicas and more interested in terpene profiles. The dream is to have different varieties of shatter categorized by terpene content. 

Now that dabbing is hugely popular in Europe, the continent needs a professional lab -- either in Barcelona or in Amsterdam. They said it is very important to be able to test the cannabinoid profiles and for possible residual solvents when it comes to oil. Its necessary to ensure that people are dabbing with properly purged products. 

Their top five tips for making oil are:

-Use good butane: Starting off with an inferior butane can be a health risk and will always guarantee an inferior product. 

-Dry leaf material: It’s important that the material being blasted is dry. 

-Spread it thin: By spreading your oil very thinly on your drying sheets it will reduce the purge time and lead to a cleaner product. 

-Get it clean: Make sure that the oil is well purged.

-Use PTF sheets: They have found that these sheets are the easiest to use and absolutely have no stick, which is very important.