Two Cincinnati Bengals teammates have more to worry about than this Sunday’s matchup with the San Francisco 49ers. Wide receiver Jerome Simpson and offensive lineman Anthony Collins are being investigated for participating in what officials are calling “a potential distribution network.”


The NFL players’ problems began when a package sent from Eureka, California was intercepted in Sacramento. The package was deemed “suspicious” by a marijuana task force. Authorities in Kentucky, where Simpson resides, were alerted and monitored the delivery of the package to Simpson’s home.


The package allegedly contained two and a half pounds of “high-grade” pot. Simpson and Collins were questioned but no arrests were made. However, cops claim to have found an additional six pounds of pot in Simpson’s home as well as “other empty parcels, scales and packaging material.”


The head of the National Marijuana Initiative (a group funded by the ONDCP and designed to investigate drug trafficking organizations in seven primary pot producing states – California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia) believes the home was set up to receive “high grade marijuana from Northern California and from there it was being distributed from that residence.”


The case is still under investigation. Simpson’s agent and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have been silent. Simpson tweeted in response, simply saying of the case, “100% rumor.”


Simpson’s teammate Anthony Collins, on the other hand, is employing a less reserved tactic. He released a statement through his lawyer. Apparently, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck. You can read the full statement about this misunderstanding here.

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