“When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie -- that's the ganja.”

A Los Angeles woman says a local pizza parlor got her family hella stoned after serving them what she believes was the early bud special seasoned with whacky weed.

According to reports, Ava Farley and her three grandchildren ordered a mushroom pizza from a nearby restaurant over the weekend, but shortly after consuming it, things took a turn for the weird.

“It was a like a rush, sweating, heart beating real fast,” said Farley, adding that her buzz was nothing in comparison to the mania unleashed in her 10-year-old grandson Clintay Jones. “He started cussing, going off, talking crazy, ran out the door butt naked.”

That’s when Farley made the decision to focus her tunnel vision on a nearby phone and called for help. The family was then launched on high-speed trip to the LA County/USC Medical Center, where doctors discovered signs of marijuana intoxication in both Farley and her grandson.

Of course, being in possession of a stoned youngster is always a societal red flag, which ultimately led to hospital staff giving everyone involved the third degree in an attempt to find out how the boy got high. “They questioned him like, ‘Have you had any of this? Did you do this? Is there anything in the house? Is this normal?’ No, all we had was pizza,” said Farley.

Interestingly, Farley says neither of her granddaughters felt the stoned effects of the pizza because they picked off the mushrooms, which she believes were contaminated with marijuana, according to the police report.

During a recent television interview with Eduardo Selbero, the owner of the restaurant that sold the alleged pot pie, he expressed concern over the accusations because apparently he runs the only pizza parlor in America where none of the employees smoke weed. “No, that’s incredible, because nobody smokes marijuana right here,” he said.

Los Angeles authorities are currently investigating the incident.

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