Another indicator that the nation is moving towards marijuana came with the latest CBS News poll that, for the first time, found the same percentage of Americans supporting pot legalization as those who oppose it. 


In a survey conducted November 16-19 (following the Nov 6 legalization of recreational cannabis in Washington and Colorado), 47 percent of those surveyed said pot use should be legal and 47 percent think it should remain criminalized. Those numbers are up from 45 percent in support of legal pot in September, prior to the legalization victories. Contrast that with the stats of 2011: Only 40 percent favored legal recreational pot, with 51 percent opposed.


Medical marijuana support is overwhelming with a record 83 percent in favor – up from 77 percent in 2011. Some cynicism about medical pot programs endures in those states that have legalized; only 29 percent believe it's actually being used by patients afflicted with serious illnesses.


The poll reflected political divisions in America; 51 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of independent voters support legalization, while 66 percent of Republicans remain in the dark ages. Not surprisingly, the majority of young people age 18-44 want pot legal, while the older generation is in the minority. 


A solid 59 percent think state governments should determine the legality of weed as opposed to the federal government. However, that figure is actually down from 62 percent from the September pre-election poll.


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