The founder and executive director of two medical marijuana dispensaries is now the mayor of Sebastopol, California. Robert Jacob, 36, founded the dispensary Peace in Medicine in 2007. He was elected to the Sebastopol City Council in 2012 and, after a unanimous Council vote earlier this week, Jacob is now Sebastopol’s mayor.

“My life has been about service … by addressing social problems such as homelessness, HIV/AIDS and access to medical cannabis we can shape a better world for ourselves,” Jacob said in a statement.

According to the medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, “Jacob’s election as mayor of Sebastopol brings additional legitimacy to the patient community.”

Sebastopol is located 50 miles north of San Francisco. It is home to Primus’ Les Claypool and singer/songwriter Tom Waits.

Jacob is believed to be the very first medical pot dispensary founder in the country to be elected mayor according to a former Sebastopol councilman.