GULFPORT - A hunting club's complaint involving plants destroyed by narcotics officers may be heard in federal court in November.

Marian Waltman of the Boarhog Hunting Club is seeking compensation from Harrison County Sheriff George H. Payne Jr. and his department for damages from a Sept. 8, 2003, raid off Herman Ladner Road where authorities destroyed 500 plants on property leased by the club.

After the raid, Payne said the plants were believed to be marijuana. Payne later said his deputies were only assisting agents assigned to a federal drug enforcement team.

Waltman maintains the 500 plants were not pot, but kenaf, a type of deer food.

A trial date has not been, set but the case appears on the court schedule for November.

Waltman sought $225,000 in compensation before his attorney filed the civil suit in federal court.

Payne and Chet Nicholson, Waltman's attorney, declined to discuss the case Wednesday. Sy Faneca, the sheriff's attorney, was not available for comment.

Crime lab results from tests of the plants have not been made public.

Waltman was not charged in the raid. However, his complaint accuses the sheriff and his agents of negligence, trespassing, invasion of privacy and defamation.

A civil lawsuit represents only one side of a claim.