Step Away From the Stash!

Here’s why life in the suburbs can be dangerous. On the morning of Wednesday, October 22, a man picked up a six-inch long plastic cylinder in the street. He was on his way to a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Kearney Mesa, a neighborhood in the eastern part of San Diego, CA.


“What could it be?” he thought. He threw it in his car and continued on to the dealership. Maybe the mechanics would know…


To put it bluntly, the Benz grease monkeys freaked. Because the cylinder was capped on both ends, they assumed it was a pipe bomb. The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department explosives team was called in and 300 people were evacuated.


Two hours ticked by. Tension was high. Finally, a remote control robot investigated the cylinder.


Thankfully, everyone was saved – from a deadly stash of pot. The cylinder was nothing more than a stash can that magnetically attaches to the underside of your car. Apparently, it fell off some unlucky stoner’s car in traffic. 

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