Once DEA, always DEA. On Friday, news agency Reuters obtained a letter written and signed by nine former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that was delivered to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in which the “ex”-drug warriors urged the current AG to oppose any and all efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Voters will have the opportunity to make pot legal in those states this November.


The former DEA officials relied on the argument that, even if individual states legalize marijuana, it still remains outlawed according to the federal Controlled Substances Act


The letter to Holder included more than its share of hyperbole: “To continue to remain silent conveys to the American public and the global community a tacit acceptance of these dangerous initiatives.” 


A spokeswoman for Holder would not comment on the letter – basically a rewrite of a 2010 missive from the same group of ex-DEA officials who then urged Holder to oppose Prop 19, which sought to legalize recreational cannabis in California before it went down in defeat at the ballot box. It remains to be seen if the publicizing of this latest letter will have any effect on the upcoming votes in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

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