By Logan Edwards

Burglar Alarms
A burglar alarm might seem like a good idea for protecting your stash, but think about who answers the call when someone breaks in. The security company and, usually, local law enforcement are permitted to enter your home if an alarm is tripped. These are two groups you do not want poking around your place. This is especially true when you go on vacation, because you might be in for a big surprise when you get back.

If you’re truly worried about your safety when living in your own home, you shouldn’t be growing marijuana there. If you’re more interested in keeping your belongings safe, consider a good homeowner’s insurance policy. That way your valuables are covered, and you won’t get any untimely visits from the police.

Padlocking your growroom is a surprisingly effective way of keeping a casual snoop from peeking at your plants. It can also draw suspicion, but with a lock in place, there’s no way for anyone to confirm anything. Also, if you’re wondering if someone has been in your growroom, you’ll know for sure if you find a broken padlock on the floor. It certainly won’t keep out someone determined to get to your plants, but it should still be an essential part of your growroom security.

Trash Disposal
You might think that waiting until the moment the trash collector drives down your street is a smart way to put out your trash. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one who knows about this technique. One way to confirm that a house is used for growing is to watch how the owner deals with his trash. Warrants have been signed for this type of behavior, so it’s wise to avoid having any of your growroom trash associated with your home.

The best method is to double-bag any incriminating evidence in large black trash bags, put those bags in a cardboard box and take the box out to your car. Remember not to include anything that can connect you to the contents of the bag. Then, sometime during the course of running a few errands, find a discreet trash bin that you can dump the bags into. Don’t forget to keep the box for later use.