We’ve heard of recalls for defective cars, tainted food and even corrupt politicians – but recalling weed? It happened last week as Greenleaf Medicinals, a British Columbia-based producer of medical marijuana, began recalling its Purple Kush strain following a Health Canada inspection of Greenleaf’s production practices.  

Greenleaf Medicinals, based in Nanaimo, B.C., is one of just a dozen companies sanctioned by Health Canada to grow and sell marijuana under the country’s new medical pot regulations. Early last week, the company began warning customers to immediately cease consumption of any medicine from batch number PK-10-20-13.

Health Canada, which holds licensed cannabis cultivators to strict standards of security, control and reporting, released a statement last Tuesday regarding Greenleaf’s production practices:

“[Health Canada] identified issues with processes that affect quality control, good production practices and oversight – this includes residues from use of unregistered pesticides, unsanitary production conditions, concerns with testing standards and/or control of plant materials.”

Greenleaf Medicinals’ website has since gone offline and the company has reportedly stopped taking phone calls.

However, Health Canada has yet to inform patients of any potentially dangerous repercussions of smoking the Kush in question. The department did provide a plan of action for discarding the recalled weed:

“Add water to the product to render it unusable, mix it with cat litter to mask the odour and dispose of it with regular household waste.”

As of April 1, Canada's pot patients are prohibited from growing their own medicine and can only obtain medical cannabis from government sanctioned pot providers like Greenleaf.