Quebec cops raided approximately 40 marijuana grow ops Wednesday, seizing a total of 13,000 pot plants and arresting 22 people.

Some 500 Sûreté du Québec (SQ) officers assisted by local cops busted growrooms simultaneously in residential areas across the Canadian province. The raids came in the wake of investigations by the SQ’s “Cisaille” anti-cannabis task force (“cisaille” means “to shear”). The Cisaille task force has operated since 1999 and eradicates 700,000 plants a year.  

According to the Montreal Gazette, the plants seized Wednesday could have yielded around 3,000 pounds and would have been worth roughly $6 million wholesale. 

Authorities also seized 300 cultivation lights during the raids and reported that some of the 22 people arrested will also be charged with illegally siphoning electricity to power the hydroponics.