MONTREAL (CP) - Quebec real estate agents are trying to stop what they call a "plague" of marijuana grow operations across the province.

The Association des courtiers et agents immobiliers du Quebec (ACAIQ) said Monday it is taking steps to promote awareness among brokers, agents and the public on the "risks and potential problems" of grow ops.

Among other measures, the group said Monday it filed a complaint with a disciplinary committee against a real estate agent who acted as an intermediary in several sales of those types of properties.

The agent's certificate was suspended temporarily following a guilty plea on the 27 counts that were laid, the group said, adding that there are about 20 similar cases under investigation.

"According to police forces, hundreds of homes in various municipalities in the province of Quebec have already been identified as having been used for growing marijuana," the group's CEO, Robert Nadeau, said in a release.

"Considering the serious damages that can be brought on to the buildings by humidity and the health risks associated with the presence of mould, real estate brokers and agents must take special measures when buildings that may have been or may be used for those purposes are put on sale, bought or rented."

The association is also holding a series of regional conferences to help brokers and agents deal with the issue. The group also plans to organize a seminar on the issue this fall.