Grandma’s Boy is 2006’s Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. A funny stoner movie co-produced by Adam Sandler’s company, Happy Madison, and directed by Nicholaus Goossen, Grandma’s Boy merges marijuana and video games. One particular game tester, Alex (played by Sandler-film vet Allen Covert, who also co-wrote the screenplay), loves to smoke pot. After he gets evicted from his apartment, Alex has no choice but to move in with his grandmother, Lilly (Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond), and her two spinster friends. Hilarity ensues as Lilly finds Alex’s weed stash and bong, then quickly brews the former into tea and transforms the latter into a flower vase. Meanwhile, Alex’s dealer, Dante (Peter Dante), furnishes him with a choice of “Frankenstein, the Incredible Hulk, Green Monster and the Bling.” After Alex’s own game is ripped off by J.P. (Joel David Moore), a rival designer at his company, he returns to Dante’s pad where Dante rolls up a monster Frankenstein spliff. In typical stoner-movie style, there’s a love interest (Linda Cardellini), a wacky boss (Kevin Nealon), cameos (David Spade, Rob Schneider), nudity, masturbation, a monkey and a happy ending. Grandma’s Boy, distributed by 20th Century Fox, opens on Jan. 6.
—Steve Bloom